Searching for and researching through all the best Kodi addons for different purposes can take a lot of time. Even searching for the best subtitles Kodi is just confusing with the hundreds of different options.

Well, it turns out when it comes to subtitle addons there simply just one that rules them all.

In this post (and video) we are going to show you the very best subtitle addon for Kodi, and how you can easily install it.

The best subtitles for Kodi that’s going to have everything you need in one place: is one of the largest repositories for subtitles and is easily by a wide margin the best subtitles for Kodi.

And the greatest thing is that is simple to install. The process is the same if you are running Kodi on Android TV, an Android device, or a computer. The menu screens might look a little different depending on what skin you might be using but the selections are the same.

Subtitles Have Many Different Uses

  • watching TV late at night and not wanting to disturb others
  • the audio quality of the original stream is poor
  • you have hearing difficulties (closed captioning)
  • may want to read subtitles in a different language

And the best part about this addon, it is completely free. previously did require you tediously sign up for an account in the past. But we think the huge drop in users was enough to persuade them to no longer require people to sign up for an account and allow anonymous usage.

But there’s a catch.

The Opensubtitles addon from the official repository still requires an account setup. So to avoid the extra steps with that we recommend to install from the SuperRepo. It’s one of the largest repositories with over 3000 addons you can quickly install, so it’s definitely something you should have installed anyway. To install the SuperRepo repository please click here to view our guide.

User Rating Feature Allows You To Select The Best Subtitle Quickly

One of the most useful features of is the ability to see how other users have rated a certain subtitle prior to downloading it.  You can quickly determine the quality of the subtitle by quickly looking at the rating. A higher quality English subtitle will likely have better timing, better English grammar, and better spelling. There is nothing more annoying than watching film and have the character’s name constantly misspelled the entire time.


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